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Probably one of the more distressing skin problems facing Asians is skin discoloration. Melanin is a pigment that your body produces. It determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. An over-production of melanin shows up as brown patches and spots. There are typically three reasons why your skin becomes overly-pigmented.

Hyper-pigmentation from Sun Exposure

One of the primary functions of melanin production in your skin is to protect you from the sun’s UV rays. When the skin is assaulted by repeated exposure to the sun, brownspots and hyper-pigmentation occur from an over-production of melanin. This is the body's way of saying "too much"! Once this cycle of pigment over-production has started, it is difficult to stop and usually medical intervention is required.

Hyper-pigmentation from Hormones (Melasma)

Another frequent cause of hyper-pigmentation is hormone changes. This can be a result of birth control pills, pregnancy (“mask of pregnancy”) or the various stages of menopause.

Hyper-pigmentation from Injury (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

Increased pigmentation may also be a direct result of some form of injury (acne, abrasions etc) to the skin causing scarring. Your body's response to these injuries is inflammation. This inflammation triggers melanin production and the result is brown discolourations.

At LE Privaté Clinic, we provide several solutions to these distressing brown spots and hyperpigmentation:

BBL Photofacial
Sciton ClearScan Yag - Photorevelation
Chemical Peels
LE Privaté HydraFacial
Topical Medicated Treatment and LE Privaté Collection skincare Programs