LE Privaté Clinic - Mission and Brand Story



LE Privaté Clinic is dedicated to set the highest standards in aesthetic skincare treatments in Singapore and the region, while providing personalised and effective aesthetic skincare solutions within a safe and comfortable environment.


Our team strives to understand each and every patient’s unique and personal goals and deliver our service in the most endearing, caring and sensitive manner. To represent these promises, we have adopted a distinctive brand mark for the clinic: a stylised silhouette of a mouse deer.

Historically and culturally, this gentle mammal has grown to become a popular symbol of purity, grace, beauty and love – the perfect embodiment of our clinic’s style and values. It is also well known for its speed and intelligence, signifying our flexible and bespoke approach to constantly be at the forefront of the industry’s latest technology advancements.

The minimalistic yet intricate design also communicates tender beauty in a highly professional and modern context, depicting a dynamic and sophisticated medical establishment that LE Privaté Clinic is today and beyond.